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Timeless Handmade Elegance

In a Modern Twist


Handmade , Cushions , Furnishings and Accesories



HOUSE OF INCAS started in 1998, by Mr. Mohit Singhal along with his wife Meenakshi Singhal. The company started in the basement of their residence where the couple worked for a few years, meticulously building up their design base and specialising in beautiful hand embroidery, Since then the company has grown from strength to strength and has many products ranging from cushions, christmas items and home accessories. We now work in a 15,000 SQFT Factory based in New Delhi with over 350 people indirectly working for the company. We take pride in our products and commitment to quality and delivery of goods. We take pride in declaring that most of our buyers have stayed with us since the time we started business with them and are expanding our customer base every year.


Zardozi Embroidery has its origins in Persia. It is a Persian world. “Zar” meaning gold and “Dozi” meaning work. It is an embroidery that uses a metal wire and threads to create exquisite patterns fit for the royals.

In Ancient times, it was used to adorn the walls of royal tents, wall hangings and decorated many royal robes of Kings and Queens in different parts of the World including Persia, India, France and England.


In the old days, wires made of pure gold were used!, However today, copper wire polished with gold or silver is used.

Zardozi Embroidery was earlier patronized by the royals. With the advent of industrialization and loss of royal patronage this art has suffered a setback.


It is a skill passed down for generations, the new generation today however is reluctant to continue this legacy due to the lure of jobs in big city towns.

HOUSE OF INCAS, with the unending support of its clients play a large role in keeping this heritage and tradition alive. We constantly endeavor to promote this declining art by way of increasing employment opportunities and paying fair rates to the craftsmen.

These craftsmen work for the requisite number of hours in keeping with the Indian Government laws and regulations in a safe and clean environments.

HOUSE OF INCAS, proudly employs workers of different backgrounds and religions including Christians, Muslims and Hindus. They are given holidays co-inciding with their different religious beliefs and traditions. 


Thanks to our Partnership with our clients, there are some cases where it is very heartening to see the sons of our old master craftsmen now taking over from their fathers thanks to the demand of hand embroidered souvenirs’. This provides an important financial incentive to the new generation to keep a glorious tradition going.


Each new HOUSE OF INCAS design adds a fresh layer of originality to an already impressive work portfolio. For a better idea of this designer’s style and capabilities, please have a look at their past work below.

Our Strenghts

Quality First

Attention To Clients

On Time Delivery

World Class Designs

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